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Q. Do you prefer to go by Robbie? or Robertson? 

A. You're welcome to call me Robbie in person! In web, email or print, my 'brand' remains Robertson all the time.


Experienced strategic communications and marketing professional, reaching, informing and engaging a variety of audiences with excellent editorial content.


  • Project Manager: Organizes stakeholders, plan activities and deadlines; gathers resources and reports goals and achievements up to superiors. Provides oversight for enterprise-wide change projects. Establishes a set of tasks and activities associated with an intended outcome and timeline. Ensures actions are implemented to achieve the results of the project.

  • Creative: Generates fresh ideas and innovative designs using techniques learned at the Poynter Institute for Media Studies, Society of News Design and Online News Association. Owes huge debt to many more capable designers and art directors with whom he's worked.

  • Team Participant: Engages in cross-functional teams of diverse internal and external colleagues, consulting professionals and other sector professional to creatively and efficiently meet objectives.

  • Media and Strategic Communicator: Uses innovative techniques and knowledge to build visibility and create branding to continuously improve communications and advance strategic goals.

  • Editor: Writes and edits for social media, press releases, feature articles, newsletters and the blogosphere.

  • Visual Designer: Conceives and executes structure, style and content in an engaging form. Produces pages and format content. Works with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.

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