Looking for work in Miami remotely from Tokyo 1995, I connected with Leona Allison and Terri Staley of Allison Legal Graphics Group, which provided information graphics that trial lawyers show to a jury in court.


This was one of the more entertaining years I've had while waiting for a newspaper position to open up. Many assignments for ALGG involved perhaps scanning an injury photo and adjusting the blood to be "more bloody," or diagramming how - in the case of poor Jerome Barnes - how he reached past a safety mechanism and had his arm removed. 

In the below map of an Opa Locka neighborhood in which a drug arrest had been made, the U.S. Attorney prosecuting the case used little Matchbox cars with sticky gum to affix police cars and suspect's vehicles onto the mounted artwork in court.

The plaintiff, a wheelchair-bound paraplegic man, was injured in a Miami Beach hotel room deficient from ADA-standard handicapped facilities. The room was labeled for handicapped use. I measured and diagrammed the room personally, and reviewed the deposition of an expert witness in developing the graphic below.

The most innovative thing we did was a video for a woman injured in a grocery store.

There were many, many exhibits that I personally mounted and laminated. This was long before FastSigns or Kinko's would do the same output for less.

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