My biggest impact as Communications Associate / Webmaster at the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation probably centered around the Knight News Challenge, and later shifted to the Arts Program. My fingerprints were on nearly everything for 14 years.


I owe a great debt for the guidance and patience of VP's of Communications Larry "Bud" Meyer, Marc Fest, and finally Andrew Sherry, while the Comms team grew from three including myself to nine before I left in the Summer of 2016. (Bolden and Schoenborn also created their impressions.)

When charged with promoting the Knight News Challenge in its first year, I ordered ads on AOL Instant Messenger. As other options became available, I bought Google Adwords. My role expanded to include everything from scheduling and taping contest winner videos to having ads for the News Challenge translated into 11 languages (Korean, Arabic, etc.), while tracking ad performance across those markets on a $20k campaign. 

After the Knight Arts Partnership launched in 2008, I was the first to suggest revising the name and branding to "Knight Arts Challenge." When the Knight Community Information Challenge and Media Learning Seminar were suddenly birthed in an  ad-libbed afternoon speech, I designed and launched a new Drupal website to support it in the span of a week.


I researched potential agencies and invited TODA of Brooklyn to produce a 5th Anniversary Report on Knight Arts Challenge for Knight Foundation in 2011-12. Working with Melissa Showalter and Marcos Chavez, we brainstormed and conceived of wood blocks that would be manufactured in Canada and gifted to Miami-area artists and VIP’s in blue velvet pouches. The pouch also contained a pocket-size version of the report with links to the full report on the web.

I was able to reuse elements of the wood block theme in other Knight products for a few years after the contract with Toda ended.

Around 2009 I designed and built the first blog for Knight Foundation, the Knight Arts Blog, using Wordpress 2.1. It became a poster child for why you would not want to begin a new "island" of content apart from your main website, and was folded into the main cake in the 2013 site redesign.

The website I inherited in 2002 had no database or dynamic content.  First, I made it fully XHTML compliant and structured it to load more quickly. I moved popular print publications online - not by uploading a PDF but by rebuilding the navigation and UX into interactives.  


Our 2007 Annual Report was the last full edition printed for the Foundation. In 2008 I worked with Tom Weinkle of Vortex Communications to convert at first the annual - and then the whole website - into a new CMS-driven website. I led an interdepartmental team that reviewed open-source CMS’s and contracted with DotMarketing to build a Java-foundation site using DotCMS.  My role was to build out all the structures in the system and populate it with content in a two-month window. 


(And of course as things go, by 2011 we got a new VP and the web site was replaced in 2012 with a new one built by young tech bros from the Valley with Ruby on Rails. )

I developed the Mailchimp template used by Knight for several years of weekly newsletters. With art direction from Eric Schoenborn.

I was a contributor and coordinator for the Knight Foundation Annual Report for 2002 to 2007 while it was published. I "owned" the history of the foundation for the 14 years that I was there and was occasionally consulted by the board on the nuances of "donor intent," or terms in which the 26 Knight communities came to join the news publishing company.

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