I was incredibly fortunate in 1986 to have the Knight Ridder Washington Bureau as my first workplace. Roger Fidler and Judy Treible had just moved the Knight Ridder Graphics Network to Washington from Miami. I started in August of that year as a new J-school graduate, creating breaking news graphics on a daily basis and business and economic indicators as they were released. I got to work on major national and international stories. After a couple of years my job transitioned primarily to curating, editing and coordinating graphics from the 35 Knight newspapers. My 3.5 years there led to lasting relationships with many editors and journalists who have mentored me along the way. 

The division was at first called Knight Ridder Graphics Network, and then as part of a  1988 partnership became Knight Ridder/Tribune News. After I left it eventually became McClatchy Graphics and was moved to Raleigh-Durham N.C. with the sale of Knight-Ridder in 2006.

The sordid story of Colorado Senator Gary Hart and part-time model Donna Rice was supported by a breaking news graphic I created with Judy Treible.  It ran in The Miami Herald and other Knight Ridder newspapers. 

The summer that I was hired at Knight Ridder Graphics Network, I had a two-day interview. The first day, I played a 2-hour cassette tape tutorial on MacDraw version 1.7, and the second day I was told to pick something off the AP wire printer and use it to create a graphic. The box-office report for the week had just come out so I adapted it into visual form. Nearly the identical form of that graphic became a weekly fixture published by KRGN/KRT for almost 10 years. In a typical week, it ran in 200+ papers.

The dual 10-megabyte hard drives under this 1 mb Mac Plus were absolutely more attention-getting than the birthday cake knife that was left on my desk. That's an 8mm tape backup unit to the left.

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