At Knight Foundation we learned that branding is setting the expectations of the consumer for their relationship with your product or service. Your logo is an important part of this communication.

The Miami Mindfulness logo utilizes a photo image of waves from iStockphoto that serves to create a serene tone and suggest a contemporary, professional tone. Created in 2018 for Valerie York-Zimmerman.

Mario Garcia of The Poynter Institute provided his legendary art direction on this one. Everyone was already using Garamond Condensed in 1990 in mimicry of Apple, so that was an easy choice. I executed versions of this with local wildlife including a manatee, a sea turtle and a seagull. In the end, the legion of consultants from elsewhere chose the flamingo to represent The Boca Raton News. The pink and the diamonds came from the architectural style of Addison Mizner, who influenced everything in South Palm Beach County.

Allison Legal Graphics Group Proprietor Leona Allison had created an inked version of the "A" device on bristol board, and I adapted and refined it for reproduction on stickers, signage and collateral. It also had to work with subordinate brands for a legacy medical imaging service and a trial jury consultancy.

Nobody can transit Sunset Drive in Miami without feeling the awesome presence of many tropical banyan trees. I guided Riviera Presbyterian Church to use those trees to represent the 'tree of life' qualities of the organization and its relationship with the community.

Walton Lantaff Schroeder & Carson LLP is Miami's oldest, continuously-operated law firm. It has deep and broad coverage of Florida. A logo with a tree had worked for my client at Riviera Church, so it wasn't a huge leap for me to choose the Sabal Palm tree to represent WLSC.

My neighbor Carlos Zerpa came to me and requested a logo for Communication Resource Management, his communications tech startup in Coral Gables. He wanted to emphasize the power of the technology so I took him somewhat literally here. 

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