Employer: The Miami Herald

I was a Senior Graphics Reporter for The Miami Herald from April 1996 to February 2000 (when I transferred to the new Digital spinoff). In that time the most notable news I covered - for more than a year - was the crash of Valujet Flight 592 in the Everglades. 

I had a great time, and I learned much from the veteran journalists and designers in that legendary newsroom including special shout-outs to Design Director Nuri J. Ducassi and Senior Editorial Artist Hiram Henriquez, and Graphic Artist Tiffany Grantham.

By some huge coincidence, I happened to be walking within under the flight path of planes taking off to the East from MIA, at about the time Flight 592 took off over northern Biscayne Bay. My beeper went off and I was called to the newsroom for a plane that had just crashed. Based on my observation, I knew how to draw the flight route to the crash scene. The Associated Press and Sun-Sentinel both published incorrect maps on the first day, showing the plane depart to the West and crash on a much shorter path.


I saved the graphic as a JPEG and took it on a floppy disk down to the just-launched HeraldLink online service, and the map ran with an article by Manny Garcia et.al. The second day, I used Infini-D modeling software to generate - based on eyewitness accounts - the attitude from which the plane approached the earth. 

After a few months, I did a favor for the National Transportation Safety Board investigators by providing custom graphics for their press conference at Tamiami Airport.  After a year had passed, I was the only journalist who had been covering the incident the whole time, and I helped assemble the look-back feature for May 1997.

Additional breaking news graphics

Feature art

Science news

For the below page on Biscayne Boulevard in 1999, I shot (and processed) three rolls of film and researched and built the piece independently of the editorial board which wrote the article.

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